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  • Phan Dang Thanh

    Phan Dang Thanh

  • Maura Noonan

    Maura Noonan

  • Jacob Beltran

    Jacob Beltran


  • Fulvio C Canducci Dias

    Fulvio C Canducci Dias

    Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação, MTAC (Multi-Plataform Technical Audience Contributor-Microsoft), BackEnd C# e PHP e Developer Web

  • Murat Umutlu

    Murat Umutlu

    At the Intersection of the Development, Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile || JavaScript, Python, and AWS || murat@muum.dev

  • Hossam Mourad

    Hossam Mourad

    A software developer specializing in front-end development with a passion for software development as a craftsmanship http://hossammourad.com/

  • Sammi Flavell

    Sammi Flavell

  • Ola John Ajiboye

    Ola John Ajiboye

    Software Engineer . From the land of Promise()

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